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Custom Dental Marketing



 Christa Nes LLC is a premium, exclusive one-stop service, that provides high-quality marketing strategy, custom marketing materials that reflect your offices’ brand, and a clear plan that allows for seamless implementation, and fast results. 


Find out what our clients have to say about Christa Nes LLC



We aren't a large firm that comes in and takes over marketing for your dental practice, leaving a mile long list of ideas to be implemented by you and your staff who are already feeling overwhelmed and overworked. 

We let you do what you do best-care for your patients. You're already doing what you should be doing- focusing on serving your patients.

But what if there was a way to see the results you want and still provide your patients with excellent care?

We're here to tell you there is. Christa Nes LLC is here for you, to identify the hidden opportunities within your practice, create strategic systems, and get you the results you have been looking for. 


What exactly does Christa Nes LLC provide?

Specially tailored materials for your office? Yes.

A done-for-you marketing plan? Yes.

Staff training and verbiage? Yes.

A helping hand to get your marketing up and running smoothly? Yes.


We work behind the scenes so you can focus on the patients in your office while growing your new patients, increasing your productivity, and perfecting your in-office strategy.

Are you ready to up your marketing game in a cost-effective, transformative way?  Schedule an appointment with me today so that we can seamlessly take your practice to the next level.



Find out what our clients have to say about Christa Nes LLC

Christa helped me create branded story templates that I could use when posting to my Instagram story. I provided her with my branding and a vague idea of what I wanted. She ran with it and created beautiful templates that will help me create engaging, eye-catching stories for my audience. Not only was her design spot on, but she was communicative and timely through the whole process! I would highly recommend working with Christa for your design or social media needs!

CEO of K. Foster Content Solutions

Kassundra Foster