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Dental Coaching and Internal Marketing



 Christa Nes LLC is a premium, exclusive one-stop service, that provides high-quality marketing strategy, custom marketing materials that reflect your offices’ brand, and a clear plan that allows for seamless implementation, and fast results. 


Find out what our clients have to say about Christa Nes LLC


We aren't a large firm that comes in and takes over your dental practice, and applies a one size fits all strategy. We understand why that doesn't work. All practices are different, with different goals. The heart of any practice is the team and without their buy in success is limited. So we take a different approach. We look at what you're doing, we listen to you, and then we dig in. We break through the limiting beliefs keeping your practice stuck, renew your vision for the practice, and then help you start living it.

We want to make things easier for you. We want you to believe your vision is possible again. We want to take out the overwhelm and make you love your work again. So we are here to help you with the action steps, get everything prepped, and leave you with the implementation piece, because your team knows you. 

We also realize that practice managers are so capable. But so often tasked to do things that are new to them, and always with limited time on their hands to do it. So we have created a series of DIY resources complete with all the details. We give you the info and you simply fill in the blanks to customize for your office. What you get is an effective strategy that is customized for your practice. One that you were able to complete quickly. You are the one who will be the most effective at leading your team. You are capable. You don't always need an in-office consultant with little understanding of your office, leaving you with a mile long to do list (the same one they gave the last 10 offices). You need answers, you need fast, and you need clarity. We can help.




Find out what our clients have to say about Christa Nes LLC

Christa helped me create branded story templates that I could use when posting to my Instagram story. I provided her with my branding and a vague idea of what I wanted. She ran with it and created beautiful templates that will help me create engaging, eye-catching stories for my audience. Not only was her design spot on, but she was communicative and timely through the whole process! I would highly recommend working with Christa for your design or social media needs!

CEO of K. Foster Content Solutions

Kassundra Foster

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