Christa Nes LLC is marketing firm with a custom approach; taking your vision and bringing it to life.

With 15 years of dental experience, Christa has found her passion in helping show offices their true potential. You have a great team, your patients love you, but you still aren't seeing the results you want. 

The truth is: you are busy, doing what you should be doing- focusing on serving your patients. But there is a way to see the results and still provide your patients with excellent care. 


We believe that the best place to look is within your current practice, leveraging and strengthening the relationship with your patients that already trust you to create more patients who will do the same.


We believe transitioning through an owner change, dropping an insurance, or other major event does not have to result in lost patients. Patients will stay and patients will come with proper internal marketing.

We believe that you are the strongest asset to your practice. You know your practice, we know marketing, we put the two together to amplify your results and show your vision.




Why does our approach work?

Our approach allows you to do what you do best, care for your patients. We work behind the scenes to create your custom strategy and material you need to take your practice to the next level. Projects like this take time and focus, you need your staff in the day-to-day, and more importantly you need a plan that is easy for them to implement. These simple elements ensure the approach sticks and results happen.



Christa helped me create branded story templates that I could use when posting to my Instagram story. I provided her with my branding and a vague idea of what I wanted. She ran with it and created beautiful templates that will help me create engaging, eye-catching stories for my audience. Not only was her design spot on, but she was communicative and timely through the whole process! I would highly recommend working with Christa for your design or social media needs!

CEO of K. Foster Content Solutions

Kassundra Foster