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Think for a moment about your ideas, hopes, and goals for your practice. Do you want to increase production  Promote a special offer? Reactivate overdue patients.  Keep patients after going out of network? 

We do marketing different. We understand that in order to see the best results you need your team engaged, not just you.  So we help with that. We give you all the training tools needed to prepare your team, and we make it fun-because if it's fun your team participates, the energy around the offer is high, and your patients buy.


​Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial call to communicate your vision, goals, and plans to grow your practice

  • Custom strategic Marketing Plan

  • Monthly check in

  • Standard Operating Procedures for protocol to ensure clarity and consistency

  • Individualized custom materials branded for your office: flyers, email, templates, and handouts, etc.

  • 15 custom social media posts to promote marketing

  • Metric Trackers

  • Fun team engagement strategies

  • Verbiage for staff to use to effortlessly promote campaign

  • All materials prepared for your practice and ready to implement with no prep needed

  • 90 days of support

Email to schedule a complimentary call

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