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6 Steps to Keeping Your Patients as you go Out-of-Network

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Are you here because you are considering taking your practice out-of-network but you feel like it's not possible to go out-of-network AND keep your patients? I hear you. I'm sure you are thinking... How will I accomplish this? How will I get my staff and patients on board?  What systems do I need to have in place? How will I find the time to do this? Good news! My program will walk you through this process step by step, simplify the process, and save you much needed time and energy!

​Here’s what’s included:

  • Instant Download of the Full Program by email

  • Written Instruction, Audio Instruction, and checklists for each of the six steps: 

  1. Clarifying your Vision​

  2. Getting you Staff on Board

  3. Getting your Systems in Place

  4. Preparing your Patients

  5. Revisiting your Patient Experience

  6. Showcasing your Value

  • Worksheet to Clarify the doctor's vision for the practice

  • Team training materials for you to make the process
    faster and easier! We're talking staff meeting prep, verbiage, follow up plan, etc.

  • A step-by-step on how to get total team buy in the amplify results.

  • Details on how to prepare your patients in a way that will allow them to understand your value and how to prepare logistically for the change.

  • All the done-for-you templates ready to go and/or easy to customize: notification letter to patients, goodbye letter,  and more.

  • All the tips ensure you are showcasing your value as an out-of-network provider, keeping your patients, attracting and retaining new patients who are NOT insurance driven.

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